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PLEASE NOTE: Mogale Meat is re-branding to WildBio

More About Us


To drive innovation in cell cultivated meat production  in southern Africa.


Through advanced bio-technologies we will provide affordable healthy and nutritious cell cultivated meat products to a growing population, to the benefit of animals, people and the planet.


To innovate and augment traditional food supply chains, proactively address UN SDG challenges, and support the conservation of Africa’s biodiversity for future generations.

What is important to us

  • Ensuring all citizens have access to high-quality meat
  • Cementing food security in Africa by producing locally grown meat
  • Preserving Africa’s rich wildlife reserves and heritage
  • Animal welfare and the UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • Supporting the agricultural sector through job creation
  • Human capital development through education and knowledge transfer
  • Respecting African agricultural traditions
  • Being a torchbearer for African Innovation and Scientific Research
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